The Conservative Men Behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Success

Stan all you want, but you have to wake up pretty racist in the morning to think that just because Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a sharp-tongued Latina that she actually represents the agenda of left-wing women of color.

Unless you’re a white person or a person of color that thinks eating ramen during college makes you an expert on being oppressed — white people politics dressed up in brown and blackface and spoken with “more relatable” suburban slang isn’t the same thing as true representation from experts and leaders from communities living on the front lines of left-wing issues.

And that’s all Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is: white politics with a brown face and a loud mouth. Even her Green New Deal is white.

The Green New Deal was designed a little over a decade ago by the Green New Deal Group. A group founded and led by white folks. Most of them are from the UK. All of them have ties to major news outlets and organizations. For example, lead founder Larry Elliot is the Economics Editor of the Guardian and Colin Hines was the former head of Greenpeace International’s Economic Unit.

Jill Stein — yes that Jill Stein — made the Green New Deal the centerpiece of her 2016 campaign to ensure that Hilary Clinton wasn’t elected president and the Donald Trump was. I wonder if she spoke to Putin about it over dinner.

And it’s not so much that she adopted the strategic agendas of powerful white leftists. It’s that she’s dressing it up like it’s a grassroots agenda designed by women of color when there are actual women of color from grassroots organizations that have designed plans of their own that will be pushed aside in favor of a brown-faced green movement.

And true to her Berner roots, she’s doing it to divide the Democratic party.

Most folks know that AOC was an organizer for the Bernie Sanders campaign. (You can thank her directly for giving us Trump.) But what most folks don’t know is that Bernie Sanders’ lead campaign strategist, Ted Devine, was an affiliate of Paul Manafort.

Yes, that Paul Manafort.

He worked with Manafort in the Ukraine to rig some elections and install a Putin-picked authoritarian as the head of the government. You know — on behalf of the people and whatnot. Said puppet is now in exile in Russia.

Manafort went on to work for the Trump campaign. He’s now in what is technically referred to as “deep shit” with Robert Mueller. And Ted Devine went on to work for the Sander’s campaign. There, he used strategies similar to those employed in the Ukraine to funnel votes away from the Clinton campaign and hand the victory over to Manafort’s client — Donald Trump.

The organizing strategies that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used are derived directly from that playbook. Far from being a cutting-edge grassroots organizer, Ocasio-Cortez is actually using strategies that some of the most wealthy and corrupt conservative strategists have been using for decades. And she has the privilege of an endless supply of good old-fashioned white man political capital courtesy of Bernie Sanders. That includes a powerful network of media influencers.

Take The Young Turks, for instance. They are “the largest online news show in the world.” And they were one of the few news outlets to back her campaign even before she won the Democratic primary.

Far from being promoted by community journalists and local news outlets for and from the struggling communities Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims to represent, her campaign messaging strategies were guided by Cenk Uygur, Kyle Kulinski, and David Koller — a former Republican, a Libertarian, and an “anti-lib cynic” respectively that, along with a few Alumni of the Bernie Sanders campaign, would go on to form the Justice Democrats.

Yes. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her beloved Justice Democrats were formed by conservatives and Independents. And some seriously sexist and racist anti-Democrats at that.

In 2017, The Wrap released an eye-opening report in which they published a slew of old blog posts revealing some of Ugyur and Koller’s own brand of locker room talk. For example, in his “Rules of Dating,” Cenk stops short of saying women should just let men grab them in the pussy, but he did write:

“Women, ignore these at your peril. Rule 1: There must be some serious making out by the third date. If I haven’t felt your tits by then, things are not about to last much longer. In fact, if you don’t get back on track by the fourth date, you’re done. Rule 2: There must be orgasm by the fifth date.”

Racism also seems to get him off. He writes:

“Every American is John Wayne to a Japanese girl who needs a new purse, a grammar lesson in English and a decent sized penis for a change.”

David Koller is a different kind of creep. He likes ’em young, writing:

“In one small Pennsylvania town we stopped for gas, and while Cenk filled up I went to talk to these three girls who were walking down the road nearby. Turns out they were three teenage girls, whores in training, literally looking for boys to pick them up. They were around 14–16 and in a few more years will be pretty damn good looking.”

Kulinski, a left libertarian and host of the talk show Secular Talk, supported Bernie in the primaries and voted for Jill Stein in the 2016 Presidential election. He is against political correctness and according to a report released after The Wrap’s piece, pro-using the words “nigga,” “faggot,” and “cunt” — especially on Twitter.

For these and many more posts like them Uygur, Koller, and Kulinski stepped down from their positions within the Justice Democrats.

Still, this is the foundation of the Justice Democrats. These are the men behind the success of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. These are the powerful anti-Democrats that develop the agendas that she and the Justice Democrats promote. And these are the strategists that are intentionally using working- and middle-class women of color that advance their very white, very conservative, very wealthy agendas.

They are the ones that develop the agendas that go one to be packaged and sold as grassroots solutions for and from people of color — women of color — like those claiming to be the new face of the Democratic party.

They are conservatives that figured out that millennials were sick of old white men and said “Sure. Give em what they want. Same goals. Same message. Same plan. But the opposite of old white men…so…young women of color. Sure. Give them that. Whatever works.”

And when it comes to dancing tap for white people moving into the 2020 Presidential elections — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez works.

If all you care about is optics, Twitter hearts and Instagram followers — you’re going to love Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Justice Democrats. If you don’t care if Trump wins, but you want to stick it to the Democrats — AOC is your gal!

If you want to end the Trump Administration and advance the agendas that actually come from communities of color themselves — put Tia Tomas back in her cabin. (I’m sure she’ll have a lovely Instagram cooking show there or something). Support candidates and representatives carrying grassroots agendas that have the experience to prove their commitment — not just the rhetoric. Demand more than just old white ways dressed up as young brown innovation.

Cuz that’s all Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is — a new trick for some old dogs.

SIIP is dedicated to designing strategies to counter political obstacles faced by the most brutally targeted communities in the United States

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