Donald Trump is a Piece of Shit

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As recently reported:

“Donald Trump is a piece of shit. There’s no denying it. He’s a racist, pussy grabbing, xenophobic, planet killing, homophobic, classist, Nazi loving, lying, traitorous piece of shit.

And he’s surrounded by a dump load of other pieces of shit. Mercer, Adelson, the Kochs, Rein, Manafort, Page, Sessions, Miller, Gorka, Conway, Kobach, Hannity, and the entire GOP. All pieces of shit.

Historic pieces of shit. Huge.

It’s like the top 10 pieces of shit got together, ate the next top 10 pieces of shit, took a dump and then that dump ate them — becoming the most shittiest shit king of that has ever been.

But seriously, history — especially in the United States of America — is full of shit.

Columbus, Andrew Jackson, Robert E. Lee, Bull Connor — all shit.

And since the beginning of time, the world has been full of other historic pieces of shit. Caligula, Nero, Pol Pot, Hitler…All ginormous pieces of shit. So huge.

And you really can’t blame a piece of shit for being such a loathsome, disgusting, inhuman, vile pile of stank. That’s what shit is.

You can’t blame the pussy grabbing, rape promoting, wife assaulting (“allegedly”), child molesting (“allegedly”), woman bashing piece of shit named Donald Trump and his turdlings in the Republican Party for being what they are and doing what they do.”

Of course they are going to criminalize black, brown and indigenous folks.

Of course they are going to try to deport our immigrant brothers and sisters.

Of course they are going to ban transgender folks and roll back LGBTQ rights.

Of course they are going to dismantle healthcare and Medicaid.

Of course they are going to destroy our social safety nets.

Of course they are going to try to pass abortion restrictions and deny birth control.

And, of course they are going to try to pull every legal and illegal trick in the book to get what they want.

As also previously reported:

They are Republicans. They are Trump Republicans. They are pieces of shit. And this is what they do.

You can’t blame Steph Curry for making 3 pointers. You can’t blame Le’Veon Bell for driving into the end zone. And you can’t blame Trump and the GOP…The only people you can blame are the defenders that fail to stop them.

When I originally published this article, it was in response to the recent decision by the Trump Administration to block women’s access to birth control. Total piece of shit move. King Shit. But Trump isn’t just a piece of shit for putting women’s lives and care at risk, he’s a piece of shit for pretty much everything he’s done since taking office. Not to say he wasn’t a piece of shit before, I’m sure he was, but he’s a piece of shit for a lot more than what he’s done to access to birth control and health care — and that is worth noting.

But this article wasn’t and isn’t a deep dive into the steaming hot bubbling pile of crap that is the Trump Administration and the Republican Party, it’s about why — being the pieced of shit that they are — no one has stopped them yet.

And that responsibility falls on the Left. As described:

“The real people to blame for the loss of our rights, our healthcare and our birth control are the people that are trained and paid to stop the Republican Party and the activists that they pimp. The real people to blame for the loss of our rights are the Democrats and [The Resistance].

…The Democrats have done little more than tweet, write letters, form committees or author bill after pointless bill that will never make it through a Congress that is clogged and overflowing with the most fucked up pieces of GOP shit ever to occupy the Senate and the House. The [Resistance]…well, they march. Or hold street rallies. The strategic use of marching and mass assembly engaged in by Civil Rights Leaders was nothing like the “marching” seen today.

It is not a sustained action.

It is not clearly connected to a federal policy.

And — as well intended as they may be — it is not good enough to stop shit. And it hasn’t. It. hasn’t. Stopped. Shit.

And that’s really hard to admit. I get it. You can’t be a strategist, organizer or activist that genuinely loves the communities you are fighting to defend without getting it. It’s hard to be so passionate about something and admit it was the wrong move at the wrong time. It’s difficult to admit that the Representatives you trusted are completely failing to protect you. It’s terrible to have to admit that you were deceived, and it’s terrible to admit defeat — especially when defeat costs people their lives and livelihoods.

The only thing worse is continuing to lose our battles, our rights, our support, our opportunities, our safety and our lives is losing them to a bunch of white nationalist, Confederate loving, Nazi pin wearing, misogynistic, rape supporting, woman-hating pieces of shit. Or their cannibal crap king.

So, we have to just sit down and admit it. Marching is not enough. It never has been. It never will be. And unless we admit it — [we] will systematically lose every single right we have gained in this nation. Correction — [we] will continue to systematically lose every single right we have. Despite the pussyhats. Despite the marching.”

Trump and the GOP are trying to deport immigrants en masse.

They are banning Muslims.

Trump and the GOP are criminalizing black and brown folks.

They are stripping LGBTQ rights.

They are stealing indigenous lands.

Trump and the GOP are supporting global warming.

They are committing genocide in Puerto Rico.

They are threatening nuclear war with North Korea.

They are decimating women’s rights.

And the list goes on and on and on and on.

As much as folks want to stay in their comfort zone and believe that a tweet or a phone call will be enough to stop a GOP driven, white nationalist takeover of what used to be the world’s greatest superpower — it’s not. It never was. And it never will be. The proof is overwhelming. And it’s undeniable.

So, let’s splash some much-needed cold water on our faces and deal with the facts. Marching, phone calls and hashtags have not done a thing to stop Trump and the GOP. The Democrats and the Resistance have completely failed to defend the targets of these white supremacist attacks and they have completely failed the nation as a whole.

If our playbook doesn’t change dramatically, and immediately, our lives, our communities and this nation will be obliterated by this white supremacist, woman assaulting, immigrant bashing, queer fearing, Muslim shunning, disability shaming, war mongering, black and brown criminalizing, genocidal piss soaked piece of shit and his toilet full of GOP shitlings.

The Strategic Institute of Intersectional Policy (SIIP) has published numerous articles that describe how we can confront confront Donald Trump and the GOP more effectively from the grassroots up and from a position in the Democratic Party. SIIP describes the historic use of mass assembly, the vital link between direct action and policy demands, and the importance of placing experienced political strategists and organizers in positions of leadership. You can access these articles here:

“The first thing we need to do, though, is admit that we are losing. We are losing because our defense sucks. Our defense sucks so hard it can’t stop shit. Because it can’t stop shit, the Shit King and his shit cavalry are kicking our asses. As long as we are running the same old play over and over again, we are going to keep losing to the Shit King. And as long as the Shit King keeps winning, our bodies and our lives are in harm’s way. In a very real and violent ways.

So, let’s get to that. Let’s admit we fucked up and let’s start doing what we need to do. Let’s stop the Shit King and the GOP and their #MAGA #DRAINTHESWAMP bullshit. They can pretend to drain the swamp. That’s what they do.

We need to just flush the toilet.”


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